A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Godot Version 3.2.1

When in the game, press ESC (escape key) to get back to the Main Menu. Beware though: Going back to the Main Menu resets the game.

The current version of the game is just a prototype. Unfortunately, the controls aren't very intuitive.

19.05.2020: Fixed exports.


assemblatron.exe 64 MB
assemblatron.x86_64 67 MB
assemblatron.zip 42 MB


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I love the graphics! That and the sounds really added a creepy vibe. The theme of assembling something reminded me of Frankenstein! :) The animation was also really good, especially the claw movement.

If you add more polish to the gameplay I'm sure this'll be a great game! :)

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, the artists did a great job on the  textures and the music of the game :)